Better by Degrees

Celsius Spa is an approachable wellness center, focused on helping people address their physical and cosmetic concerns, so they may have more energy, be in less pain, and feel good about being proactive in their self-care.

In our comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere, we offer Cryo T-shock therapy, red light/near infrared bed, Halo dry salt room, broadband light box, vibration therapy (Chi machine).


Cryo T-Shock

Cryo T-Shock therapy is an innovative therapy that utilizes the clinically proven benefits of strategically applying cold and heat to the body to reduce pain, inflammation, cellulite, and fat, while also increasing the stimulation of collagen to firm and tighten the skin.


Red/Near Infrared Light Therapy

Using infrared light waves to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, this warm and relaxing therapy promotes healing inside and out, and will help you to live with confidence and comfort.


Dry Salt Room (Halotherapy)

Dry Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, is a holistic, drug-free natural therapy using micro-particles of salt to promote better breathing, sounder sleep, and overall wellness.


Broad Spectrum Light Box

If you suffer from:

Weight Gain
Lack of Energy
Increased Sleep
Carbohydrate Craving
Difficulty in Awakening
Decreased Social Activity


Gentle Oscillating Vibration Therapy


 The Celsius Path


At Celsius Spa, we have specifically chosen wellness and cosmetic modalities, which work in harmony and conjunction with each other, to amplify your results and help you to your best-self quicker than each modality individually. The Celsius Path is our promise to you that we will work with you every step of the way, curate a treatment plan designed especially for you, and work with you throughout your treatment, to ensure you are seeing the results you want.



You have concerns about your body, pain, skin issues, or well-being.


Visit us for a consultation and get your personalized well-being plan.


Be consistent with your plan, come to your appointments, and follow up with your home care.


Transform into your better self!

We are on this journey together, because we have suffered from many of the ailments we aim to treat


In our personal quests to feel better, we discovered these treatments and realized that we could offer them to others. It is our passion to continue our journey by helping men and women who may be suffering from some of the same issues.


Our Clients 

 I have had chronic lower back pain for years. I have always waited it out and after several days it would subside. One cryo treatment at Celsius Spa provided immediate relief.
— Neil Wells
I started Cryo not knowing what to expect. As soon as we started I felt comfortable, excited and was educated on the process. I have chosen to get my stomach worked on because nothing I have done seems to get rid of it. I have noticed the down size in my shape and am feeling very motivated to keep going. Thank you Celsius team for making me feel comfortable and excited for my journey.
— Alysa Whitehead
 I am so pleased with the results of the Red Light Therapy I’ve received at the Celsius Spa! Over the past several weeks I have seen at least a 60% decrease in my arthritis pain, I have had fewer severe fibromyalgia episodes, and as a bonus my skin is brighter with fewer age spots.
— Terri Richards